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About Us
About Us
The NetJatt service allows you to convert flash FLV files from sites such as YouTube to MP3 files which you can store on your local computer, burn to a CD, or even upload to your iPhone, iPod, Android or other audio playing device. The user of our free service is solely responsible for the use of this tool and must adhere to our Terms of Service and cannot utilize this service to convert copyrighted videos.
NetJatt, often referred to as the Internet's premiere YouTube converter, launched in February, 2016 and has offered free conversion services to millions of users worldwide. Unlike many other sites offering similar services, we have developed our own proprietary software enabling error-free conversion of files from YouTube and other popular video sites straight to your desktop. Not only do we offer this service free, we convert videos to mp3 securely and quickly.
In some cases, you may be required to download and install a Java application called Javelin. This utility is certified virus free and does not install any spyware or other malicious software on your computer – it is merely a required tool for us to be able to convert many videos to audio MP3 files.
When you submit a URL for conversion, NetJatt will download the video and convert it to MP3 format. After this conversion completes, you will be presented a link to click which will allow you to save the file onto your local device. The conversion is without loss, meaning your MP3 will be of the same quality as it was in the video. Please note that JavaScript must be enabled in your browser for the conversion to work.
Our team of developers has also created browser extensions for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers which will enable you to begin conversions from YouTube without first coming to NetJatt.
We thank you for visiting our site and ask that you please tell your friends about this awesome conversion tool!
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